Sunday Service
A New Church

The 125th Anniversary Celebrations


Rainford All Saints Parish Church was 125 years old on November 1st, 2003, and  celebrations were held to mark this milestone in the history of the church by holding a weekend of special events which included :-



Two performances of a " A New Church For Rainford", a multimedia, live drama and musical presentation of the history of the church followed by refreshments.
Special Festival Service followed by a Celebration Sunday lunch.


A special prayer was written for the occasion by the vicar Rev. F R N Michell :-

" Holy Father, the guardian and inspirer of the past, present and future, we give thanks for your grace and loving kindness that has been a beacon of light to the people of God in each generation in this place. We thank you for the faithfulness of our forefathers that laid the foundations and built this church. As we celebrate this story of faith, give us grace to make our contribution so that the future generations too will be blessed by the story of your grace and goodness towards us. This we ask through the name of him in whom past, present and future are one, even Jesus Christ, Our Lord. AMEN"