Corpus Christi School


Old School built in 1874     

 School House

Long before 1874 the Roman Catholic Community had tried many times to acquire land for the purpose of building a school and church. When the Rev. Father Austin Powell, Catholic priest of St Mary's Church, Birchley, finally purchased land at auction, via Thomas Mather of Billinge, his first concern was to provide education facilities for the children of Rainford.  At a cost of 1,050 including fittings, the school designed to accommodate 135 pupils was built by Mr. John Middlehurst.  Following the laying of the first stone a few months earlier, the opening of the school took place on the evening of  Monday 10th August, 1874, and  was celebrated by a tea-party and concert. The following day 80 children attended school under the tuition of Miss Coleman who had been provided with living accommodation in the adjoining School House. So encouraged was Father Powell by his success upon seeing the school completed, he quickly continued with his preparations to build a new Catholic Church on the remainder of the land adjoining the school. This was completed the following year. The old school building still stands today, and is currently used as a Hall for the New Church which is situated close by.


New School opened in 1967  

   Entrance to New School 

By the 1960's it was becoming increasingly evident that the Old School was no longer large enough to accommodate all the children from the growing local catholic community, so this new school was built on nearby land.